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Gadget Weblog Spotlight: Yme Bosma’s, the marine electronics and communications weblog, has quickly become a favorite here at Gizmodo, with its sharp focus and incisive writing. We’re happy that Yme took the time to participate in the first in a series of ‘Gadget Weblog Spotlights’ that we’ll be running throughout the next few weeks. Our hope is to draw your attention to some of the great gadget reporting that’s being done out on the web.

Give us a quick run down about you, your weblog, and what it was that made you want to start your own?

I’m a 29-year old strategy consultant at Lost Boys, Europe’s largest webdesign agency, based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I started blogging about 2 years ago as a way of documenting and disseminating everything I found interesting (professionally and personally), primarily on the areas of the mobile internet, ebusiness, consumer electronics and home automation. Just recently I noticed that there was no blog (or website for that matter) focusing on these areas in the context of sailing and boating, another passion of mine. Since convergence of PC technology, internet and marine electronics/applications is happening at a fast pace, I started a blog on this topic, which is

What do you think it is that makes your weblog stand out?

Basically, there’s no other website focusing on the topic of marine gadgets (electronics & communications). The boating industry is a 30 billion dollar business in the US alone, and electronics are an important segment of it. So I’m creating a central point for everything happening in this space, since (online) publishing of information on these topics has been very fragmented until now. Based on the feedback I received, and the statistics, since I started this specific blog 4 weeks ago, I think it’s fair to say that is filling a blank spot.

Do you have a target audience for your site?

Yes, sort of. It’s the marine electronics industry on the one hand, and ‘boaters’ on the other hand. I’m writing about things that are sometimes only relevant to owners of a 20ft sailboat, and at other times it’s just the ones that operate a 200ft megayacht that will be triggered by an item…

What was the first gadget that really caught your attention?

I think that must have been my first cellphone, a bulky Nokia 1610 that I bought in 1996. Since then I’ve been playing around with a lot of the newest hardware and software, not just cellphones.

What are your favorite types of gadgets?

Everything that allows me to be and ‘feel’ connected. And gadgets that let me document and structure my thoughts.

What’s the worst gadget you’ve ever seen?

Well, the thing that’s annoying me most at the moment (besides not being able to send emails from my Nokia…) is the EPG on my set-top box. It’s such a great example of not understanding how people (well, at least myself) want to watch TV and be guided through TV-listings. UPC, fix this! And we can help you if you want us to…

What’s the one thing you wish you could teach the world’s gadget makers?

Through my work I know just how enormously important usability is for making a good concept work with normal people in a real world environment. It’s an art (and a science) that most gadget makers simply do not understand.

Have you ever had a gadget change your life?

Yep, not often, but my first Wi-Fi router at home, an XRouter Aero WSR-5000, has really changed they way I experience home entertainment, the way I work, when I work, and how often I work….

What’s in your gadget bag, Yme?

Nothing special really. An 18-month Nokia 7650 which is falling apart, since I’m waiting for the first megapixel camera phone to be released because I want better quality pictures on my personal photoblog, Furthermore, I’m still carrying around a Toshiba laptop, while I’m waiting for my new HP Centrino laptop to be delivered. Got a two year old TDK Bluetooth adapter that goes with the Toshiba. And for the rest a lot of cabling, adapters and network cards in my bag to connect me to the internet anywhere, and to audio and video equipment wherever I am… The bag itself is just a plain and simple Dell laptop bag which I can’t throw away since I don’t feel like emptying it…
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